RideQue is a website template for any senior transportation company that currently has no site, or relies on Facebook to provide an internet presence.

It's mobile friendly and looks great on a phone. It informs the viewer about the organization, the mission statement and the people involved.

Drivers and Clients can sign-up and connect with each other and an innovative Rides system automates everything.


Individuals interested in becoming a Driver can signup on this site by creating a username and password along with basic information such as name, phone, email and address.

Once signed in they can fill out the supplemental information required to be a Driver, at their leisure. The Admin (or Staff member) will be notified of the new signup and contact the Driver for review. If a Driver is approved, the login procedure will allow them access to the system in the future.

DriverCharley BonesDriverRod BurgyDriverJoe DriverDriverCrissinda JohnsDriverBobby JonesDriverSally RideDriverJohn Smith

New Clients have the same signup/login procedure as Drivers but the supplemental information is obviously different. Once approved, signing in opens up a world of communication benefits.

A fast code has being implemented here for testing purposes that will bypass the six character minimum for User Name and the eight character Password requirement. To run this application through it's paces you don't even need to signup at all. An individual record for each user type has been created that you can use to login with, simply by entering the letter [ t ] into the User Name field, and pressing [ Enter ].

You will then be logged in as Joe Driver, Joe Client, Joe Staff or Joe Admin, depending on the Login you choose. You will have all of the privileges associated with Driver and Client, but Staff and Admin are display only.

Or, you can sign-up to be a Driver or Client and if it's creative it will be approved and automatically show up here on the main page. :-)

Head on over to the Login Links and take this application for a spin!

ClientBarbara BrownClientJoe ClientClientBo DerikClientFranni FryClientJamesie HamiltonClientOld MaryClientSam PotterClientGene SimmonsClientBett White
• Tables

There are five database tables in the system. The Users table contains basic information about each User (Driver, Client, Staff and Admin) such as name, address, phone, email and geographic coordinates.

Each user group also has a supplemental table containing additional data about their personal and vehicle licensing, insurance and availability.

Tables are defined by layout files making it easy to define, and change, the data your organization needs. The code adapts accordingly, no need to dive in and change anything.

• Logins

There are four different user login procedures, each requiring a User Name and Password. Driver and Client logins offer the ability to Sign Up if they are not yet in the system. Staff login is a subset of the Admin level, allowing maintenance of information and the Admin has access to all aspects of the system including add and delete control over everything.

• Notes

Record layouts: The main Users table, and the Driver, Client, Staff and Admin supplemental tables.

The Ride Que is currently being implemented. Clients generate individual Ride Requests from their dashboard by plotting their route in an A to B fashion on a Map and specifying the date and time they wish to travel. The route becomes dynamic with way-point directions and becomes visible to the Drivers for selection. Anybody in the system can watch the route in real-time. Clients can Edit and Delete the routes they create and of course the Staff sees everything.

• Photos & Videos

Drivers and Clients contain a photo for each person and Videos are from YouTube.

Drivers Drivers Clients Clients Video Videos
• The Map

The RideQue Map is at the core of the system. Once a User (Driver or Client) become approved they have access to all other users Location and Contact information. They can see where each other live, they can plot routes between locations and determine travel times. They can click on a phone number or email and contact each other instantly from their cellphone.

• Features

The Map is packed with additional features such as Search, Directions, Streetview and Reverse-Geocoding. It also remembers your location when you tell it to. Drop on in, click the help button and see what you can do.


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